BREAKER follows detective Natalie Cross and her Violent Crime task force as they track down the worst criminals in the city. Her characteristic ferocity, which has made her a name in the police ranks, has completely undermined her home life. Alienated from her husband and two children, Natalie struggles to find an emotional balance in her life or risks losing it all. 


Bellum is a limited series focused on women of the American Civil War on both sides of the conflict and the lengths they go to fight for their cause in a time of incredible gender and racial prejudice. 

The GARHWAL Rifles

Depicting the events of WWI and the brave soldiers from India that volunteered to fight in the trenches of France in some of the worst conditions ever experienced in warfare.


6 part limited series that follows one Indigenous family and their struggle with inter-generational trauma, spawned from Canada's genocidal Indian Residential Schools. In partnership with Stó:méx Entertainment.


Adult in Training is a hilarious wed-series about a 30yr old misfit Millennial returning to the only job she hasn't been fired from: A counselor at camp Oochagonga for girls.  Written by comic and actor Nicole Lee Smith about her time spent at all girl summer camps, Adult in Training is a Millennial coming of age story.


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